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We want you to have the easiest registration process possible. Therefore, before we get started, please ensure you have the following items to complete your registration. Please also be aware of our Privacy Notice.

  • One form of ID to authenticate your identity. This could be your UK Driving Licence (sorry, this doesn’t include Northern Ireland licences) , UK passport or electricity bill  for a UK address.
    If you do not have one of these with you now, we will need to take you through a manual ID process. Please continue with your online registration and at the end we will provide you with a reference number. Then simply call us on the number below with your reference number and form of ID and we will help you with your identity authentication.
  • Some form of correspondence from us, with account details (see 'How can we help?').

Throughout the registration process, the term 'account' has been used as a generic term for all policies, plans, accounts and bonds that you hold.

Note: The only person who can have online account access is the named account holder. We cannot provide shared access to view another person’s account. This includes a relative’s or dependant’s accounts.

You can only register for the Online Customer Centre if your account transferred from Old Mutual Wealth to ReAssure.

Check the list of ‘products affected’ on this page to see if your account was included in the transfer.

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